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Our Investment in OpsCompass

Streamlining enterprise cloud migration

Executives are currently concerned with the control, compliance and speed at which a data migration takes, as well as the visibility and security after the fact and ensuring the process has been done correctly.


Founded in 2017

Partnered in 2018

Founding Team

Manny Quevado

John Grange

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One-Fourth of enterprises have not moved any apps to the cloud - meaning a quarter of all businesses haven't started a cloud app transformation initiative.

OpsCompass was founded in 2017 by Manny Quevedo and John Grange. Quevedo and Grange each have previous technical experience in data security, software infrastructure, and web hosting. After witnessing the growth in demand for enterprise cloud storage firsthand in their previous roles, the team recognized a need for a management portal to provide companies with a high-level view of their firm’s cloud operations.


They designed the OpsCompass platform to help management, IT and DevOps teams automate and enforce policies that maintain security on the cloud.

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Invest Nebraska first partnered with the company in the fall of 2018. OpsCompass' core platform, Helm, provides automated assessment of a company’s Azure infrastructure, policy enforcement to ensure compliance with company protocols, and deployment tools to migrate and track new configurations to the cloud. 

Since initial funding from Invest Nebraska the company has attracted additional capital from Elsewhere Partners, a venture fund in Austin, Texas. Today the team has grown to 20+ employees has been named a Microsoft Golf partner for cloud migration. 

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