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We back promising teams building companies in Nebraska


We believe the next generation of industry leaders can be built in Nebraska. We lead seed rounds, partner with other investments groups, and provide support to our portfolio companies and the broader startup ecosystem to make this happen. 

Nebraska Seed Investment Fund

Invest Nebraska partners with The Nebraska Department of Economic Development to fund companies under the Business Innovation Act. An eligible business must have less than 500 employees and funds must be expended within 24 months of the awarding decision.  

Companies should contact Invest Nebraska prior to applying for these funds. 

Venture Debt Fund

Venture Debt Financing provides a bridge prior to a round of fundraising or an extension of runway post-funding. This structure of financing is primarily for venture backed companies and typically includes warrants. This fund is often used leading up to or directly following a funding round.

Invest Nebraska Loan Fund

Invest Nebraska works with area lenders to help secure needed loan funds for working capital and/or equipment purchases. Inventory or special project debt financing will be used to move a business forward financially. Invest Nebraska will partner with a local lending institution and likely take second position on the loan.

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