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Our Investment in Rush Market

Returns Reimagined

Free shipping has grown be to expected across ecommerce channels. The net effect is that for online sellers the number of returns and their cost are increasing dramatically. Rush Market is building the technology and local ecosystems to streamline returns and offer discounts to consumers. 


Founded in 2017

Partnered in 2018

Founding Team

Doug Nielsen

Jeff DeRuiter

Julie Mahloch

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Online sales of physical goods amounted to 360.3 billion US dollars and are projected to surpass 603.4 billion US dollars

Rush Market was founded by a team that understands ecommerce from their previous company, Hayneedle. 

In his time at Hayneedle, Doug Nielson experienced first hand how the process of customer returns can severely cut into profits. Furthermore, he began to recognize how this problem continues to grow in importance as the sector expands and end users have high expectations on product specifications and delivery. Doug founded Rush Market to solve what he views as one of the hardest problems in online retail: streamlining product returns.

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Invest Nebraska first partnered with the company in the fall of 2018.  The team has just begun their first retail outlet and was building out the software components of the returns system.

Through their proprietary systems, Rush Market partners with online sellers to develop a solution to allow a returned product to stay in the local area and be re-sold. 

Today, Rush Market continues to expand their physical footprint across the country and offers a strong solution to online retailers seeking to streamline their return processes. 

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