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Our Investment in RealmFive

Precision Connectivity in Agriculture

Production agricultural  has a large number of data inputs and outputs.  Many of these data outputs are delivered, but never used by the farmer for more than brief overview.  RealmFive capitalizes on unused data with its product offerings, revolutionizing the farming ecosystem.


Founded in 2012

Partnered in 2015

Founding Team

Steve Tippery

Brant Burkey


"We recognize data and automation is still a huge opportunity in agriculture"

In 2012, Steve Tippery and Brant Burkey saw an opportunity to leverage a suite of real-time remote monitoring and data collection tools in agriculture. They each had extensive backgrounds in ag engineering while growing up in and around family farms. 

Early offerings from RealmFive provided farmers with proactive in-field decision support and recommendation tools for agronomy and industrial decision making. 


Since first partnering with Invest Nebraska via the NMotion Accelerator as well as follow on investments,  RealmFive has grown its team of hardware engineers and precision agriculture specialists across the state. 

In 2019, the The American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers (ASABE) awarded RealmFive four of its AE50 Awards for ingenious new designs in the agriculture industry. ASABE selects products each year that rank highest in innovation, significant engineering advancement, and impact on the markets they serve. Only 50 products are chosen worldwide and four of them went to RealmFive, the young agtech startup in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Today RealmFive is one of the most trusted names in on-farm connectivity and data management. The company continues to expand and has recently highlighted partnerships with Prairieland Partners, AGPROfessionals, John Deere and Climate Corporation.

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