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Our Investment in Pawlytics

Real time records for pet professionals

Pawlytics provides a software platform that aggregates and unifies pet data by utilizing microchip numbers to create real-time records and make information available instantly to owners and pet professionals so they can adopt, care for, and treat any animal anytime.


Founded in 2018

Partnered in 2020

Founding Team

Lizz Whitacre

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It’s estimated that redundant data entry in the pet industry wastes approximately 276 million hours each year

Pawlytics was established in 2018 by Lizz Whitacre, a serial entrepreneur and passionate pet advocate.


The company is based on the simple foundation of unifying the worlds pet data to provide more transparency, enable better tracking, and ultimately save more pets.

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In April of 2018, Lizz and Pawlytics won the UNL “New Venture” Competition which is put on by the College of Business and UNL Center for Entrepreneurship each year. Winning the competition, Lizz received $25,000.


She then took that money and used it to match a prototype grant from the Department of Economic Development that summer to build her MVP. In the fall of 2018, Pawlytics participated in NMotion – Lincoln’s start-up accelerator – and received $20,000 in convertible note financing.

Today the company continues to expand across the country supporting animal welfare organizations and pet shelters. 

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