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Our Investment in Logica

Visual Financial Modeling

Increasing distributed workforces and the demand for dynamic data sources creates an opportunity to help financial leaders understand the whole picture. 

Founded in 2020
Partnered in 2021

Founding Team
Carissa Castro
Leandro Castro


Leaders and executives have become accustomed to visual reporting. Financials should be no different. 

Logica was founded in 2020 by Carissa and Leandro Castro, as a direct response to problem they have each faced at previous companies, including their last company Multimechanics, which was sold in 2019 to Siemens.

The pair found it incredibly difficult to manage Excel-based financial strategy, especially with increasingly distributed workforces and an increasing number of connected data sources

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Logica became the first company in Nebraska history to get into Y-Combinator.They participated in the accelerator in the first quarter of 2021 and recently completed the YC Demo Day, where they found several of our co-investors. 

Logica continues to develop their financial platform and is growing into one of the leading innovative tools for Chief Financial Officers and budgeting teams across the country. 

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