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Our Investment in LifeLoop

Enhancing Resident & Family Engagement Through Technology

Most senior living communities’ record-keeping is done by hand. Community staff without Lifeloop still print calendars, write on them, and put them on walls; they track resident engagement on written sheets. This process is time consuming and ineffective.


Founded in 2013

Partnered in 2016

Founding Team

Amy Johnson

Kent Johnson

Philip Lee

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There were 44.7 million people at the age of 65 or older in 2013; it is projected this number will reach 98.2 million people by 2060.

LifeLoop was created in 2013 when co-founder Amy Johnson noticed the lack of communication between families and residents in senior living communities. Her father-in-law lived in an independent senior living community and transitioned to assisted living.


Shortly thereafter, he was moved into a memory care facility. His family could not help but wonder what warning signs they may have missed, leading up to his decline in mental health. From this experience, Amy decided to create a platform that improves the care and overall experience of residents living in senior living communities and other long-term care facilities.

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Invest Nebraska first partnered with the company in the summer of 2016.  LifeLoop’s mission is to help create a stimulating and vibrant lifestyle for these communities, resulting in engaged residents and family ease-of-mind.


The Company understands the challenges to create this positive environment. As a result, they have developed the LifeLoop software solution, to facilitate communication between all interested parties. 

Today, LifeLoop is one of the top rated and highly recommended software solutions for senior living facilities. The solution is deployed across communities in both the United States & Canada and the team has grown to 20+ members. 

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