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Our Investment in KPI Ninja

Deliver better outcomes in healthcare

Americans are looking to find treatment outside of hospitals and the traditional care model. As the healthcare market begins to become more competitive the quality of care for healthcare institutions will need to rise.

Founded in 2014
Partnered in 2018

Founding Team
Vineeth Yeddula
Naren Parim
Vijay Musunuru


New healthcare structures are creating disparate data sources across the industry that must be organized 

Vineeth, Naren, and Vijay had unique backgrounds previously working in healthcare and computer science. As the popularity of Direct Primary Care Facilities and Health Information Exchanges grew in the industry, the three saw an opportunity to create a knowledge and analytics tool for healthcare management professionals. 


KPI Ninja’s products and services provide key performance indicators relevant to a number of components within healthcare organizations.

Features include seamless integrations with several different data sources, through the big data driven Ninja Universe platform with integrated and unified dashboards across organizations, patient health data analytics, automated reports, and more.

Since initial funding from Invest Nebraska the company has grown it statewide partnership network to additional programs such as Wisconsin Statewide Health Information Network and Idaho Health Data Exchange.

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