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Vishal Singh was the CEO and Founder of Quantified Ag®. The company was acquired by Merck Animal Health. He was born and raised in his formative years in the metropolitan city of New Delhi, India. His family then moved to a small farming community in Nebraska in the mid-'80s. This was his first exposure to the world of agriculture.

Vishal has worked in the computing industry, first with PC Today and Smart Computing magazines and then in the video game industry. He has over 18 years of experience in the Agriculture Technology (AgTech) industry, with projects ranging from 3D visualizations of animal anatomy to mobile apps and website development. He has developed custom drones for plant crop imaging and previously completed projects with the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association and individual state beef councils. Additionally, Vishal has experience in project and team management, interactive technology component design, including user interface and usability through web and mobile applications. Vishal has experience with analytics and dashboarding for valuable insights in a variety of areas in agriculture. Vishal’s undergraduate degree is in computer graphics/visual communications. His master’s degree is in broadcast where he completed user interface usability research.

Vishal Singh

Founder and Former CEO, Quantified Ag


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