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Our Investment in Centese

Surgical Drainage Made Certain

Chest tubes are a ubiquitous part of cardiothoracic surgery, but suffer from antiquated technology directly leading to patient complications and excess costs on the healthcare system.

Founded in 2015
Partnered in 2016

Founding Team
Evan Luxon
Dr. Dan Burnett


Prolonged patient hospital stay can lead to an average increased cost of $5,000 per lung surgery patient.

Evan Luxon was working in the San Francisco area for the medical device Incubator Theranova Medical when he decided to return home to Nebraska. Centese (formerly known as Esculon) was spun out of Theranova and began prototyping and preclinical efforts with funding from the National Science Foundation SBIR program and matching funds from the State of Nebraska.  


Invest Nebraska first partnered with the company in the fall of 2016. Centese is utilizing integrated smart technology to reduce chest tube associated complications, thereby improving outcomes for patients and surgeons, saving time for nurses, and reducing costs for hospitals.

Since initial funding from Invest Nebraska the company has attracted additional capital from the coasts as well as federal SBIR grants for its research and commercialization. Centese has seen continued success and completed its first study in 2020 at Stanford University Medical Center. 

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