Investment Criteria

Invest Nebraska Corporation is industry agnostic and invests at various stages of a company’s life. Therefore, it can be hard to peg hard-line rules about what a company must demonstrate in order to receive investment from Invest Nebraska.

A company must:

  • Be Nebraska-based.
  • Have at least a 1:1 match to our investment from non-state government sources.

A company should have (exceptions exist based on industry):

  • A long form business plan
  • A working prototype or fully-functional product
  • Strong value proposition
  • Customer discovery results
  • Beta clients/Sales
  • Founders with necessary competencies to cover all core business aspects
  • Market research and a clear sales/distribution model
  • A large market into which the company sells
  • Historical financials and pro-forma
  • A well-defined use of proceeds
  • Expectations on terms—include an ask
  • A plan for investors to exit

Our default due diligence checklist can be found here. Invest Nebraska’s staff will likely ask for additional items through its diligence process. Learn more about the process and negotiate terms of the deal.