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We are all about collaboration. With only 1.8 million people, Nebraska cannot afford building silo organizations. Just like the state’s early settlers depended on their communities to plant, grow, and harvest their bounty, so to does present day innovation require an inclusive collaboration. 

We like it when startups license UNMC technology, a private business utilizes UNL faculty for research, or when ConAgra develops new food technology on Innovation Campus. We like it when Peter Kiewit Institute faculty partners with a rural manufacturer, the Nebraska Department of Economic Development provides a prototype grant to a rural IT startup that ends up partnering with UNK faculty for research or when a Creighton faculty member brings in Silicon Valley experienced entrepreneurs to assist in the development of his technology. Collaboration does matter.

Nebraska State Chamber of Commerce & Industry

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The Nebraska Chamber is a statewide, broad-based business association representing more than 1,500 businesses of all sizes and sectors – in every county in Nebraska. The organization has served as the voice of Nebraska’s business community for more than 100 years.

NUtech Ventures


NUtech Ventures is the intellectual property and commercialization unit of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. NUtech’s mission is to facilitate the commercialization and practical use of innovations generated through the research activities at the University of Nebraska. They do this by identifying, evaluating, protecting, marketing and licensing UNL intellectual property to promote economic development and improve the quality of life. 



UNeMed Corporation is the technology transfer office for the University of Nebraska Medical Center. Through licensing and other cooperative agreements, UNeMed builds relationships with industry partners.


UNL Innovation Campus

The Nebraska Innovation Campus is a public-private research campus being developed by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.

Intellectual Resource Management Technology Transfer Office


The Intellectual Resource Management Technology Transfer Office of Creighton University serves the creative minds of the University’s faculty by facilitating relationships that allow them to be successful in developing innovative technologies that positively impact the local, national and worldwide communities.

Center for Rural Research & Development




The Center for Rural Research and Development at the University of Nebraska-Kearney creates, facilitates, and partners with other organizations to offer multiple networking and mentoring events year-round so Nebraska entrepreneurs can share ideas, contacts, and resources. The Center supports entrepreneurs through the following three focus areas:  education, mentoring and networking, and market research.

Scott Technology Center

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The Scott Technology Center is designed to facilitate partnerships in the areas of engineering and information technology.  By partnering with technology and engineering-based firms, the Peter Kiewit Institute, and the University of Nebraska-Omaha, the Center fosters long-term collaborative partnerships, provides unique practical experiences for the best and brightest students in the state, and actively participates in economic development.

NMotion Accelerator

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NMotion is a mentor-driven, education-focused, startup accelerator based in Lincoln focused on high-growth software and technology-based businesses in targeted industries of agriculture, education, finance/insurance, healthcare, human resources, and sports technologies.

The Start Up Collaborative


The Start Up Collaborative is a merger of three ecosystem programs: a traditional 90-day accelerator, an incubator and the Greater Omaha Chamber. The program has evolved to meet founders on their terms, timelines, while helping them gain authentic leverage and traction.